Seattle Realtor Mortgage UTrack Program

Take communication with your clients and real estate agents to another level with real-time access to their loan status.

Understand how the financing is progressing with the click of a button.
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Track the Status of Your Clients Loans

Seattle's Mortgage Broker gives you and your clients the power to check your loan status at any moment with UTrack!

Just like tracking a package through the mail, UTrack displays where the loan is in the process, from underwriting to closing. This tool boosts communication between you and your client, by providing detailed information on the loan (when it was submitted to underwriting, appraisal received, and the scheduled closing date.)

Accessing UTrack is easy for both you and your clients. Simply, input the client's email address in EASE and click Send to initiate access to real-time loan status information without the need for a complicated log-in process.

UTrack is just another way that SMB is helping our Realtor partners grow their business.

By allowing your clients access to their loan status on purchase loans, you are able to wow them with an open line of communication - a trait unprecedented in the mortgage industry. This open communication will keep them coming back to you as their real estate expert and trusted partner for years to come.

Key Benefits:

  • Give access to real-time loan progress
  • More communication = stronger relationships
  • Stronger relationships = increased referrals

What they're saying about it

"We LOVED the transparency! Being able to check on your loan in the middle of the night really helped me feel better about the process."

Julie R.
Bellevue, WA

Lending With a Purpose

Lending With a Purpose is more than a tagline; It’s what drives us to be our best.

At SMB we understand each mortgage we provide helps a family locally but also has the ability to provide sustainable, salubrious economic opportunity to those most in need.

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the world, but I can cast 
a stone across the waters 
to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa