Full Service Mortgage Consulting Firm

We analyze entry, exit, and interest reductions strategies to help our buyers maximize the return on their investment.
Move into your home in a competitive market with less hassle, less heart ache, and a lower overall cost.

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Lower Rates. Better Terms

Lower Rates. Better Terms

Unlock competitive mortgage rates and favorable terms structured to save you more money over the long-term.
lower mortgage rate
Fast Closing Times

Fast Closing Times

Proven track record of fast closings and smooth processes, often ahead of tight deadlines.
fast closing time
Responsive Customer Service

Responsive Customer Service

Get ready for personalized communication like video updates and one-on-one meetings to make you feel well-informed and valued.
personalised customer support
Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee a meticulous approach to every detail of your mortgage process, ensuring not just satisfaction but results that often exceed expectations.
guaranteed results
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How Seattle’s Mortgage Broker Helps You Win

Peace of mind.

You took the time to become qualified, search for the home of your dreams, and now it’s time for your financing to step up and help you win that home in a highly competitive market so you can focus on what matters, your life in your new home.
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The Big Problem We Solve

Cut rate lenders cost more in the long run and you’ll end up settling for a house you don’t truly love.

We actively strategize with you and your realtor to ensure you are not over exposed while still making an extremely competitive offer that will force the seller to view your offer differently than the competition.
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Origin Story

Seattle’s Mortgage Broker was founded after Joe Tafolla experienced how the mortgage industry viewed buyers.

He found that the big banks didn’t care about the individual buyer, or the stress it created on the family dynamic when a loan closed late, or not at all. He saw a need to recenter the focus onto the individual.

At SMB, we never say “it’s just business” because we understand it is a major life step that our buyers are entrusting us to help them with. To us it goes beyond business. We’re your partner for life.
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Why Contact Us Today

Let’s face it, you don’t make offers on homes you are not in love with.

If you don’t win that home it hurts. Our experience will help you minimize that hurt by allowing you to safely strengthen your offer without overexposure and overpaying on the property.

What Our Customers Have to Say

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“Joe was the quickest to get back to me after searching for seattle mortgage brokers online and his professionalism stood out right away. As a first time home buyer, I found Joe to be the perfect lender to work with. It felt like a concierge experience. Very personal. The video updates weren't the cookie cutter type - every update is especially made for you which made me feel well informed.

Once we got down to it, he was always very responsive and worked hard to find me the best rate possible with current market conditions. Thanks to Joe's expertise and dedication my mortgage was approved extremely fast, too!

It's clear that Joe genuinely cares about his clients and goes the extra mile to ensure the home loan process is as smooth as can be. I'm glad I chose to work with him over a bank. Thanks for everything Joe!”

Zachary Chai
Seattle, Washington
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“This wasn't my first mortgage, so I know a good mortgage broker when I see one. Joe ticked all the boxes and delivered what was promised: speedy closing and competitive rates.

I was shopping around for good lenders in the West Seattle area and stumbled across his website. Once I made the call and realized how fast he could move to close the deal, it was clear that Joe would be our guy.

He would frequently hop on video calls to patiently answer our questions, which were handled well, and send us video updates to keep us informed throughout the application process, which was very helpful.

If closing fast is a factor for you, like it was for us, then Joe is a great mortgage broker to work with.”

Alfred Fung
Seattle, Washington
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“As a first-time homebuyer, I did my due diligence by searching for different mortgage lenders in the Seattle area on Google. As soon as I found Joe, I felt convinced by his reviews that he would be a good match for me and right away, his customer service really stood out!

I really appreciated his thoughtful approach. He was very easy to book online meetings and would often share his screen so we could understand the numbers and different mortgage products to best determine the right option moving forward. As someone new to this, I felt well informed thanks to the way he explained everything.

In the end we closed in around 10 days which was a massive advantage. It took much longer for others in our complex to close so credit to Joe there, too!

Overall things couldn't have gone better. Joe was just fantastic. His personalized guidance and exceptionally fast service make him a top choice for first-time buyers. Thanks, Joe - see you again if we ever have to refinance!”

Stephanie F
Seattle, Washington
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“I found Joe Tafolla online after coming across his great reviews. I can't remember exactly where I saw them, but it was probably on Google. Joe was the only loan officer I ended up speaking with because he got back to me immediately, and he really sounded like he knew what he was doing—which certainly turned out to be true!

Throughout the process, Joe seemed focused on doing what was best for me to find the best lending opportunities. He stayed on top of things and made sure the mortgage process moved along, as there was an awful lot for me to do on my end. He helped me figure out what I needed to take care of, while he focused on the magic behind the scenes. It all worked out quite beautifully.

Once we found the house and put the offer in, Joe had us approved incredibly fast. Both my mom and I had the keys within a matter of three weeks, and I am equally happy with the home we found.

I would definitely recommend working with Joe if you're looking for a mortgage broker who is responsive, knowledgeable, and truly has your best interests at heart.”

Karen Khar
Seattle, Washington

Close On Your Mortgage Loan Faster with Seattle’s Mortgage Broker

We regularly close loans in under 2 weeks. In most cases we are as fast as cash and regularly compete, and win, in an all cash offer scenarios.

Lending With a Purpose

Lending With a Purpose is more than a tagline; It’s what drives us to be our best.

At SMB we understand each mortgage we provide helps a family locally but also has the ability to provide sustainable, salubrious economic opportunity to those most in need.

Learn how we give back

“I alone cannot change 
the world, but I can cast 
a stone across the waters 
to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa